Car battery charging

What are the bad effects of a car battery that often runs out of power?

Power Loss

Power Loss is the most common failure of car batteries. Its danger cannot be ignored.

When the car battery loses power, it will not only bring a lot of inconveniences to travel but also may endanger the life of the driver, so it needs more attention to prevention and maintenance.

A power loss usually refers to insufficient voltage (or power). In addition, the car generator charging system failure, resulting in the failure to timely replenish the battery power consumed by the starter and other circuit power, will also lead to a power loss.

Car Battery Charger


One characteristic of car batteries is that they are self-discharging. It will gradually discharge even if it is parked without moving. If the battery is deeply discharged, so that the voltage is lower than 10.5V, sulfuric acid will generate lead sulfate with the lead plate. At this point, if not charged in time, lead sulfate will cause the battery sulfide, the battery will be scrapped.

Plus, some of the vehicle's electrical components (alarm system, automatic door locking, etc.) will not stop working because of the ignition off, so do not think that the car is good not to drive for a long time. Generally speaking, half a month without driving, although the battery is still charged, the voltage has dropped and starting will become difficult. If the vehicle is parked for more than three months, then the battery has almost been discharged.


A long-term dead car battery can be very harmful! If it can be replenished 2-3 times in time, it can continue to be used. If it is not charged for a long time, the electrolyte oxidation level is too high and it will easily oxidize the surface of the electrode plate. Thus, the battery voltage is too low, resulting in a slow response when the starter starts. After a long time, the starter switch and dump wheel will be damaged. In addition, the long-term low voltage will shorten the life of the battery itself.

In general, the impacts of low battery power of the cars are:

  1. causing unstable engine idle speed
  2. reducing the actual amount of fuel injection
  3. weaken the ignition energy
  4. causing the inability to lift the anti-theft alarm
  5. causing the lock-up of the audio system
  6. causing the relevant systems to work abnormally, etc.
What if no power

Extended information

There is a special battery measuring instrument to determine the goodness of the battery, but few users have such instruments. The following are three tips to judge the good and bad of the battery, for reference.

  1. Judging from the appearance: observe the appearance of deformation, protrusion, leakage, rupture and blowing, scorching, oxide oozing from the screw connection, etc. 
  2. Load measurement: no abnormalities in appearance, UPS working in battery mode, and with a certain amount of load. If the discharge time is significantly shorter than the normal discharge time, after 8 hours of charging, still can not restore the normal standby time, determine the battery aging. 
  3. Measured with a multimeter.

Solar Charger

The core device of a solar charger is a solar cell. In fact, the exact name of solar cells should be "photosensitive cells" or "photovoltaic cells", the principle is the photoelectric effect. The reason why it is called a photovoltaic cell, meaning that the device will produce electricity under the conditions of light.

The advantages of solar chargers.

  1. In the sun without AC power, directly convert the sun's energy into DC electrical energy. It can charge small appliances such as cell phones and digital cameras anytime and anywhere. It is a necessary companion for people who love to travel, outdoor sports, and business workers.
  2. Solar charger is a high-efficiency solar battery. Built-in energy storage lithium battery can be charged at leisure and timely use. Completely eliminate the lack of power, power loss, power outages, outdoor activities occasionally run out of battery troubles.
  3. Solar charger charging fast. No power when the sun shines 3 minutes after the phone can be charged. And can charge other devices at the same time as the sun shines.
powoxi 10W solar charger for 12V car battery



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