How to choose the corresponding solar battery charger for 12v car battery?

How to choose the corresponding solar battery charger for 12v car battery?

Wanna get free electricity to power car battery?
Three tips you have to know for getting the most useful solar battery charger for ur car!

solar car battery charger you need!

1.The power of the solar charger depends on the capacity of the battery. The secret formula is: voltage x battery capacity/sunshine time.
2.For example, if the battery consumes 20Amp/day, the solar power should be 12V*20A/4 hour(ave sunlight hour is 4 hours in a clear day) = 60W. So 60W solar panel is right for you. Controller must be equipped!
3.For maintaining or charging a battery of an average car, like a minivan, choose 20W is fine enough. If you want to juice up the batteries of RVs or larger auto-mobiles, use the formula I provided above for your right answer.

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