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Does Jump Starter really work that well?

A jumper pack is an excellent addition to your car or truck's emergency kit. aside from just giving you the peace of mind to get back on the road quickly they also offer you power on the go for all your electronics. Many models of car jump starter packs also have USB plugs to charge your phones and tablets. The lifetime of a battery car jump starter is generally about 2-3 years, but now there is a new technology, the lifetime of the super capacitor car jump starter is as long as 10 years, it usually can withstand more than 100,000 times frequently repeated use in its lifetime.

However, is it really as convenient, safe, and fast as described?

Are jump starters bad for your car?

A damaged battery has the potential to start a fire when placing the jumper cables on. Car batteries contain sulfuric acid that can become vapors, leaking out of vents. These vapors can be highly flammable. Jumper cables are known to cause sparks and can ignite these vapors, causing fires or even possibly an explosion

Long lifetime?

As for the service life, actually, the service life of a car starter depends on the type of battery in the starter, and how well it is maintained.

Jump starters are lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, which are usually recommended to be changed every 4-8 weeks. This helps keep the jump starter in good condition.

That said, most people don't follow these recommendations. They leave the jump starter in the trunk and forget about it. This causes the battery in the jump starter to discharge itself, which shortens its life.

Environmental factors also play a role here. If you store your booster in the trunk during the Florida summer, the heat will eventually take a toll on the booster's battery. The same thing can be said, conversely, for freezing temperatures.

With good care and maintenance, jump starters can last for years. If they are neglected, then wear and tear will significantly shorten their lifespan.


Is it really lightweight and affordable?

Depending on the jump starter pack you purchase, some may need to be recharged overnight. While they tend to be more portable than battery chargers, the extent of that portability depends on the weight of the batteries inside. Most batteries are light enough to carry, but for heavier jumpers they may not be light enough to lift easily.

As for price, the obvious problem with needing a larger, more powerful miniature starter to start a truck or large SUV is this - the price tends to increase with the power output. The actual physical size doesn't really add that much, but the power output and technology being cranked in that little box is really worth the extra cash, as long as you can afford it.

Is charging really fast?

Jump Starter batteries have a lower capacity than some larger devices, and you can't use them on all types of vehicles. Some of the mini jump starters on the market only have about 600 amps of peak power, or even less. That's barely enough to start a midsize car or a really small SUV.

The downside of portability.

There's also the corollary that they're small enough to fit in a glove box or purse. However, they are easy to lose. They're also quite fragile if they happen to land on the floor of your vehicle and you step on them.

One final minor objection to consider is that most cars already have charging ports for smartphones and tablets. This tends to make the USB ports on these mini jump starters rather redundant.

POWOXI 20W Solar Battery Charger

Solar Charger

The core device of a solar charger is a solar cell. In fact, the exact name of solar cells should be "photosensitive cells" or "photovoltaic cells", the principle is the photoelectric effect. The reason why it is called a photovoltaic cell, meaning that the device will produce electricity under the conditions of light.

The advantages of solar chargers.

  1. In the sun without AC power, directly convertthe sun's energy into DC electrical energy. It can charge small appliances such as cell phones and digital cameras anytime and anywhere. It is a necessary companion for people who love to travel, outdoor sports, and business workers.
  2. Solar charger is a high-efficiencysolar battery. Built-in energy storage lithium battery can be charged at leisure and timely use. Completely eliminate the lack of power, power loss, power outages, outdoor activities occasionally run out of battery troubles.
  3. Solar charger charging fast. No power when the sun shines 3 minutes after the phone can be charged. And can charge other devices at the same time as the sun shines.


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