Solar DIY ideas. Here's what you never knew and what you need!

Solar DIY ideas. Here's what you never knew and what you need!

Here's what you never knew and what you need - solar power! Solar energy can also power your car battery! Come and DIY with me!

A solar trickle charger is a tool that uses solar energy to charge a variety of devices. These low-powered charging devices are perfect for charging your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. They can be plugged in all the time, providing an outlet for these devices in your home without using grid power.


Do solar panels work and are they suitable for use in cars?

    As long as you use solar chargers for their intended purpose, yes, they can work.

Both internal combustion and electric cars are designed for regular driving, which is why leaving them stationary for long periods can cause problems. While the battery provides the power to drive the car, the 12-volt battery usually powers other in-car functions. This means that if the car is left parked for too long, the battery is likely to be depleted. So hurry up and pick a suitable solar battery charger for your car

While solar panels can be connected directly to a 12-volt car battery, they must be monitored if they exceed 5 watts. Solar panels rated above 5 watts must not be connected directly to the battery, but only through a solar charge controller to prevent overcharging.

In short, in most cases, it takes about 5-8 hours to fully charge a 12-volt car battery with a solar panel capable of producing 1 amp of current, depending on the capacity of the car battery. To charge effectively, you need to make sure the panel is directly facing the sun and has no shadows on it.

How do you install solar power on your car?

    You have a very wide range of installation options. After you have chosen the solar panel that corresponds to the power of your vehicle, go ahead and consider the type of installation you want.

Solar panels can be mounted with magnets, they can be connected with wires, or you can use suction cups. All in all, there are many types. You just need to consider the type of mounting that works best for your car.

What is obvious is that the mounting method using suction cups is the most convenient. You can attach it to the front windshield of your car to meet charging requirements while preventing theft.

Here's a link to a YouTube video of the installation, FYI:

How to charge two car batteries with one solar panel?

To charge two batteries with one solar panel, you need two solar charge controllers. Both batteries are monitored and controlled separately to ensure the best charge rate and voltage.

When using solar controllers in parallel, the combined charging currents must be handled according to the battery manufacturer's recommendations. Each controller has its independent solar array, and each array needs to be configured according to the solar controller's specifications.

A controller will switch between different charging states simultaneously if all of the following conditions exist.

  1. All controllers are set to the same charging mode.
  2. A battery voltage detector is connected to each controller.
  3. battery remote temperature sensor (RTS) is used for each controller.
    connection 2

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