Which solar powered charger suits your car battery the best??

Which solar powered charger suits your car battery the best??


🤔Which solar powered chargers suits you the best??

Take car battery as an example.
12 volts Car batteries usually hold 48amps. 

If I use a 10W 12V solar battery charger, how long does it take to charge the 12volts battery from 0amp to 48amps?


10 W / 12 V = 0.83 Ah
48 A / 0.83 Ah =57 hours

☀The average sunlight hour in Arizona is 6.57 hours per day.

57 hours / 6.57 hours = 8.67 days

But in reality, things cannot be so perfect.

So 10 days will be reasonable.

Plus, it's not a jump starter, so it can't bring a dead car battery to life.

If you are looking for a solar-powered charger to power up the battery, get the one over 10Watts at least.


POWOXI Magnetic Solar Panel


Every solar battery charger under 10Watts, they are not powerful enough. They are just maintainers, which means maintaining the battery's amp. No decrease, no increase. Use them after the car's battery has fully charged, then the battery stays fully charged.

And if you live in cloudy place or you want to use the solar charger in car, even indoor, get the
Amorphous solar powered charger.

If you live in sunny place like me, get monocrystalline or
polycrystalline solar powered charger, they are more efficient than other materials, but has super high demand of sunlight. Better leave it outside.

You could leave all solar powered maintainers and chargers connected with your car's battery, it won't overcharge.

Get my solar charger now!

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It’s good to know that any solar battery charger that is less than 10 Watts is insufficient. You said that they only serve as maintainers, which involves preserving the amp of the battery. I have to keep this in mind to share with my friends. Also, I’m sure that an aviation solar battery charger can be utilized for a more eco-friendly solution to fossil fuel. This is great. https://www.batteryminders.com/aircraft-battery-chargers

Taylor Abrams

Very happy with purchase, but can this 20 w solar panel be left out in all weathers

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