How To Choose A Car Head Up Display?

With the development of technology, all kinds of devices have been applied to vehicles to enrich people's driving experience. When it comes to the car head up display devices, some people may be unfamiliar with them. A head up display is abbreviated as HUD, which is also called a flat-screen display system. This is a display device derived from windshield imaging on aircraft. In the past few years, in some high-end vehicles the HUD becomes more and more normal. What is so special about HUD? Is it worth being equipped? And what are its advantages?


First of all, the main function of the car HUD is to project the navigation, speed, ADAS driving assistance, and other system tips onto the front windshield using the principle of optical reflection. Some advanced HUDs are also able to display in color. With the help of HUD, the driver does not have to look down at the dashboard, which further improves driving safety and brings more convenience to the driver.

HUD is mainly composed of four parts: data interface, information processor, projection equipment, and load-bearing display device. However, there is some low configuration HUD that does not automatically adjust the brightness according to the driving scene. Once the brightness of the HUD is too low or too high, it will have an impact on the driver's vision. Some people may think that the more information the HUD provides to the driver, the better. This is totally wrong! If too much information is projected, it will attract the driver's attention and thus affect driving safety.

Car HUD Device

Undoubtedly, the car HUD can really bring a different driving experience to the driver. However, the vast majority of original vehicles on the market do not have a head-up display device, and people can only have HUD by adding optional price. The head-up display is generally installed for the original factory car genuine, or chooses to add a simple version.

If you want the vehicle to install the original HUD, you need to look for a model that originally supported the head-up display. For example, a car that has a HUD in the top trim version will not have one in the lower trim. In this case, this lower-trim level vehicle is able to be retrofitted with the HUD at a later date. The advantage of the original HUD is that the data interface is provided directly from the vehicle's electrical energy, making it easy to install and highly stable. Later retrofitting is not only costly but can only be found in professional auto repair stores or 4S stores.


In fact, most car models do not support the HUD function. Therefore, these vehicles can only be retrofitted by purchasing accessories. The equipment can be purchased through Amazon for a few hundred dollars. If you want to retrofit the original HUD, it costs tens of thousands of dollars. The difference in price is more than 100 times, why?

The quality of the non-original HUD can not be guaranteed, and the power used in the power is not carefully measured. Blind installation is likely to burn out the OBD system and interface, causing a short circuit (OBD interface short circuit damage repair costs are very expensive). Secondly, the unstable current will also cause harm to the vehicle's electronic wiring system and battery. Finally, these cheap HUD devices are projected through the windshield display, some poor quality products will have ghosting and reflections that are too harsh, and other problems.


There are two main forms of HUD fixation: suspension HUD and dashboard HUD.

The suspension HUD is fixed on the sun visor above the driver and the information is projected on the top of the windshield. The dashboard HUD is fixed on the center console in front of the driver and the information is projected directly in front of the windshield.

Both types of HUD products have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The suspension HUD is more adaptable and relatively easy to install. However, it occupies the sunshade, so the fixity and stability are not high, which tends to cause unstable projection display.

The advantage of the dashboard HUD is that the fixation is relatively stable and can realize the driver's flat view. However, in summer, the heat dissipation of HUD becomes a problem. In addition, due to the large difference in the shape of the center console of different models, the adaptability of the dashboard HUD is relatively low.

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