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How To Choose A Car Paint Protection Film

There are various ways to maintain a car, and car PPF is considered one of the more popular ones recently. However, at the same time, it is also one of the more controversial issues...... Many car owners who want to protect their car paint will choose PPF, especially for new car owners. They attach great importance to the protection of their new cars. Why do so many people choose the car PPF? What is the use of the car PPF? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Features of high-quality car PPF

Ductility: A car PPF with good ductility can fit the car body more perfectly, including various curvatures and angles.

Yellowing resistance: After use for a long time, the car paint will naturally yellow, which is irreversible and bound to happen. A good car PPF has superb resistance to yellowing, which allows the car paint to remain shiny for a long time.

Transparency: PPF is a transparent film so that it can perfectly blend with the original color of the car paint.

Corrosion resistance: Acid rain, insect carcasses, bird droppings, and other chemical corrosion should not be ignored. Once the corrosion is generated, the damage to the car paint is fatal. The anti-corrosion properties of the car PPF can block these items.

Anti-scratch: Anti-scratch is one of the most important features of the car PPF. It can prevent the car paint from being scratched.

Self-recovery: If scratches appear on the surface of the PPF, just use a hot hairdryer to blow on the scratches for a few minutes, and they will disappear.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive: Using pressure-sensitive adhesive will ensure good adhesion, the glue won’t open, and no bubbles inside. In addition, when you want to remove the film, the car paint will not be covered with glue.


Four advantages of a car PPF

  1. Improve the brightness of the car paint

The car PPF can improve the gloss and brightness of the car paint. Different brands have different effects. Generally speaking, it can brighten car paint by about 5%-30%.

  1. Prevent physical scratches

The purpose of the car PPF is to protect the original car paint, prevent scratches and eliminate physical scratches. The PPF seems like a thin film, but its protective effect is far better than we can imagine, and minor scratches will not hurt the car paint at all. For some relatively small scratches, scuffs, it can self-repair.

  1. Prevent chemical corrosion

In today's serious environmental pollution, car paint is bound to face the corrosion of acid rain and natural oxidation. In autumn and winter, the dew that falls on the car may corrode the paint. There are also bird droppings and insect carcasses that are common in daily life, which will harm the paint, too. Putting on a transparent protective film can effectively separate the car paint from the outside environment, so you can avoid these problems!

  1. Preservation of value

There is an interesting phenomenon: when buying and selling used cars, the valuation of repainted cars is generally not high. Why? Because the painted car can easily be suspected of being an accident car. The car PPF can not only protect the original car paint perfectly but also enhance the brightness of the car paint, protecting the paint while also keeping it beautiful. A car with brightened paint can add 10%-20% to the value of your used car when you buy or sell it.


Four disadvantages of a car PPF

  1. Expensive

The high price is the fundamental reason for many people to give up. The car PPF originated in Europe and the United States, and some good PPF brands are basically imported from Western countries. Their prices are generally between $3000 and $8000, thus expensive prices let many people daunted.

  1. Can't prevent accidents

After all, the car PPF is only a car paint beauty product, it can cope with the usual small scratches, but can not cope with large accidents. When there is a car accident or being rear-ended, it is not able to play a protective role. When fixing the damage, you also need to increase the cost of the car PPF additionally. Some poor quality PPF does not have a fireproof function, if accident happens, it is easy to burn and becomes dangerous.

  1. Extra new-equipment insurance

When a car is scuffed seriously, the PPF must be replaced. However, insurance companies do not pay out for products that do not belong to the car itself. Therefore, you need to buy an extra new-equipment insurance. The price of this is usually around $40 (depending on the price of different car coat brands).

  1. Additional maintenance

After applying the car PPF, car cleaning and maintenance will be relatively much easier. But over time, the film will also become dirty, it also needs maintenance. Thankfully, the maintenance frequency

 is relatively low, and after maintaining it can be instantly restored to its initial brightness. But even so, this is a significant additional cost. If you don't maintain your car PPF, then your car's paint will also suffer some damage.

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