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How To Choose A Phone Holder For Car?

Cell phone navigation is no stranger to car owners. Many drivers on a trip or in the city locally have to rely on phone navigation. But every time you look down at the phone is very dangerous, and it seriously affects driving safety.

So a cell phone holder is a good thing that drivers can not be separated from. Drive with it can directly look at the map navigation, and also other useful information, like car speed.

There are many kinds of cell phone holders on the market, the main mounting style is fixing the bottom of the holder. Generally, it can be divided into snap-type, suction cup type, paste type, etc. What are the main mount styles of cell phone holders, what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Car Navigation

Suction cup phone holder

Suction cup cell phone holder generally adsorbed in the dashboard center, or the front windshield, it’s flexible and easy to install - the premise is that it must be adsorbed on the flat surface or smooth objects. Some car interiors are made of velvet or frosted material, so it’s not suitable.

Many people will install it on the front windshield. This means a certain degree of obstruction of the driver's view, so there is an element of insecurity. And once the sun shines for a long time, the suction cup will fall off.

However, this phone holder can be changed at will, and the snake pole structure is more convenient for people to adjust the angle. Relatively speaking, the suction cup is very solid, even on bumpy roads and emergency braking will not have much impact.

Suction cup phone holder

Snap-type phone holder

This kind of holder is very good in terms of price, practicality, and safety, and the structure is simple. Just watch the air outlet carefully, and then choose a good position to snap firmly. Its stability is very good, and it can freely adjust the angle and orientation. As it is generally installed in the air conditioning vents or emergency light button position, it does not block the sight.

It is worth mentioning that the air vents may be vertical, horizontal, or round due to the different designs of each car. If your car is a vertical air outlet, then the holder will slide down after a period of time due to gravity. And if the air conditioning wind keeps blowing towards the phone, which is not a good thing for the phone. Cold air conditioning is tolerable, but warm air will make the phone temperature rise and cause a few problems.

The phone holder stuck in the steering wheel is not recommended to use. Because most of the front airbags are installed in the middle of the steering wheel, once the danger causes the airbag to eject, then the phone is a dangerous bomb!

Magnetic 360-degree rotating phone holder

It can be installed in any flat position that is convenient for the driver to operate. However, the magnetism will affect the magnetic field of the phone, which may lead to poor cell phone signal and bad positioning function. It’s generally fixed with a 3M adhesive at the bottom of the holder, with a wide range of applications, has a flexible angle, and firm adhesion. However, once the holder has to be moved, its stickiness will be reduced. And it will also leave traces on the surface, which is difficult to clean.

The advantage of this holder is its small size and flexibility, and does not block the driver's view at all. It is convenient to hold and put the phone, you can also answer the phone when you’re driving.

Magnetic 360-degree rotating phone holder

Silicone phone holder

It’s a rectangular cell phone anti-slip pad with two notches. Put the anti-slip pad on the flat surface, the phone can be stuck horizontally on the gap. Since this anti-slip mat is not physically connected to the car's interior surface, it can be taken off at any time and does not damage the surface. Although it is placed horizontally, it does not move back and forth during the driving because of its own friction.

However, the design of the bayonet causes the phone to be placed only horizontally, not vertically. And the angle of the phone can not be adjusted at will, you need to constantly look for the best view.

Silicone phone holder

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