How To Choose A Preferred Car Perfume?

How To Choose A Preferred Car Perfume?

With such rapid technological and economic development today, everyone is spending more and more time using cars. The car has become a symbol of private space. Many people will take the trouble to decorate their cars. Some will install cushions, some will install car recorders. And in order to get better physical and mental relaxation, car perfume  has become a well-deserved first choice!

Car perfume is a very mature product category in the perfume industry, and its selection is very diverse. But this also makes everyone at a loss --- cuz there are too many choices! I believe we are full of doubts before choosing the car perfume. What kind of car perfume is qualified? What is the difference between them?

How To Choose A Preferred Car Perfume?

Car perfume is divided into liquid perfume, solid balm, solid scent beads, fragrance bags, spray, essential oils and carrier media. Now let us analyze one by one!

  1. Liquid perfume

These products are made by dissolving the fragrance in the corresponding solvent and then adding it to the prepared container. The containers are usually metal or glass. They will naturally evaporate and spread the fragrance. It is very simple to use, directly hanging or placed in the appropriate location in the car. 

For this type of car perfume, you need to try to choose a container that is dark or has a small light-transmitting area. This will prevent the impact of light on the quality of the perfume. Secondly, you need to choose a bottle made of high-temperature resistant material and avoid perfumes containing alcohol because of the high temperature in the car in summer, which can easily produce danger. Finally, choose a perfume that has a spill-proof design at the mouth of the bottle, and place it horizontally. Otherwise, the perfume liquid spilled accidentally may cause slight corrosion on the car's interior surface.

  1. Solid balm
2.Solid balm

This product is made by a mixture of fragrance and paste, and then put them into the container. It disperses fragrance with the wind by natural evaporation or by placing it in the air conditioning vent. It is in the form of a solid paste, the paste will slowly decrease with the passage of time.

It is important to note that summer is a sensitive time for it. Therefore, when using it, be careful to place it horizontally. Exposure to the sun can cause the cream to melt. Generally, these products have a porous design that allows you to adjust the scent concentration. If your car space is on the small side, it is recommended to choose a less porous amount of gear to prevent the scent from being too strong. Of course, you can also be placed elsewhere, without the help of wind, which can also extend the service life.

  1. Solid Scent beads

These products are made of scent beads with fragrance. Scented beads material has EVA particles, absorbent resin, etc. Their installation position is very diverse, be hung in the car, also be inserted in the air vent. Many solid scent beads are colored beautifully, not only as aromatherapy but also can be placed out for decoration. The packaging of these products is generally more transparent, so be sure to avoid prolonged direct sunlight.

Solid Scent beads
  1. Fragrance bag

Such products can be divided into natural herbal fragrance bags, natural floral fragrance bags, and fragrance bags. Natural herbs and flowers are directly or ground into a powder, packed into a fragrance bag to use. The fragrance bag is soaked with the fragrance of miscellaneous wood, sorghum husk, corn cob, bamboo charcoal, etc. into the bag. They are generally hung in the rearview mirror.

It is worth mentioning that the "fragrance" of natural flowers and herbs is with a special medicinal taste, not necessarily acceptable to all. If you have a small space in the car, in order to prevent the smell of fragrance bags is too strong, you should choose a small size.

  1. Spray

These products are filled with a mixture of fragrance and solvent in a container containing a nozzle, and the fragrance is dispensed by pressing the pump head. They are similar to liquid perfume products and are used on-demand. In addition to spraying, you can also put it in a perfume pendant, which can also emit fragrance naturally.

Please note that the fragrance and solvent of the car perfume spray are special and cannot be used directly on the human body. And the spray cannot be sprayed directly against the car's interior devices and decorations, otherwise, some poor quality perfumes will leave traces on the car's interior surfaces. What you need to do is to spray the spray against the relatively empty space inside the car.

  1. Essential oil and carrier medium
Essential oil and carrier medium

They are usually made by directly dropping the essential oils of plants onto a carrier medium such as plaster, volcanic stone, aromatherapy machines, silicone, paper sheets, etc., and allowing them to evaporate freely. The market sells fragrance sets that contain carrier and essential oils, and there are also sub-products that sell carrier and essential oils separately.

Generally, the fragrance sets can be reused and only the essential oils need to be continually purchased. Do not buy car liquid perfume for this kind of car perfume, which will affect the life of the carrier. If you use high-quality pure essential oils, after a period of time will have a healing effect on the body. Because of the small area in the car, I do not recommend to buy a car fragrance dispenser. This is too much for the car.

      7. Car Air Freshner

Recently, a new car perfume has appeared at gas stations. It could be in the shape of a Christmas tree, it could be Santa Claus, it could be Spider-Man. They can be hung from the rearview mirror. Although they're small and relatively thin, the fragrance emitted is very nice.
Although it has a limited time to disperse fragrance, but because of the cheap price, beautiful shape and very convenient, people love it a lot!

Car Air Freshner

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