Car Vacuum Cleaner

How To Choose A Right Car Vacuum Cleaner?

For people with cars, the car is the "second home". When driving on the road, as long as the windows are open, there will be thousands of dust flying into the car. Even if the airtightness of the car is good, you can not avoid the problem of dust accumulation inside the car. This not only affects the cleanliness of the interior of the car, but also has a great impact on our health.

To solve this problem, many people choose to buy a car vacuum cleaner. Car vacuum cleaners are easy to carry, simple to use and suitable for most people. So, is a car vacuum cleaner good? Is it necessary to buy one?

Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Principle and practicality

The principle of a car vacuum cleaner is the same as an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. Through the high-speed rotation of the vacuum cleaner's internal motor (up to 20,000-30,000rpm), the air is sucked in from the suction nozzle and a certain vacuum is created in the dust box so that a high air pressure difference is formed with the outside world. Driven by the strong pressure, the dust and dirt located in the suction nozzle are sucked into the vacuum cleaner with the air and filtered through the filter, which will eventually be placed in the dust canister.

Car vacuum cleaners are light, small, and easy to carry compared to ordinary household vacuum cleaners. In addition to being powered by the car's cigarette lighter connector, some products can also be powered by batteries, making them very flexible to use. In the daily cleaning of the car, the car vacuum cleaner can play a huge role, so the practicality is very high.

  • Three major categories


After searching Amazon, we can classify according to the power. In total, they can be divided into three classes: under 100 watts, 100 - 300 watts, and over 300 watts.

Car vacuum cleaners within 100 watts are cheaper but have lower power and not enough suction power. If your car is relatively small and you usually pay attention to car hygiene, then it is enough.

Car vacuum cleaners of 100 - 300 watts are widely chosen. It is good both in terms of performance and user experience. The suction power of this type of vacuum cleaner can meet the needs of most users. Although slightly more expensive, but cost-effective. So it’s the first choice of most car lovers.

A car vacuum cleaner with a power of 300 watts or more not only has high requirements for voltage but also has a higher price. Of course, its suction power is very strong, and there are more accessories. Many expensive car vacuum cleaners can be used not only in the car but also at home. The range of applications can be extended to computers, tables, chairs, sofas, etc.

Maybe you wanna ask, the more power, the better the cleaning effect? Nope. Although the size of the power directly affects the cleaning effect, there are other factors that also play a role. For example, the airtightness of the vacuum cleaner and its filtration capacity. Therefore, power is only one of the aspects that can be used for reference, but there are many aspects that should be considered.

clean the car

Wired vs. wireless

For all types of vacuum cleaners, wired or wireless have their own characteristics and everyone's choice is different. They can be selected according to their respective characteristics.

Wired car vacuum cleaners need to be connected to the cigarette lighter when in use. Before buying, consider the power size of the car cigarette lighter. If the power of the vacuum cleaner is too high, it will burn out the cigarette lighter. Of course, wired car vacuum cleaners need to be used only after the vehicle is started. In addition, the length of the wire needs to be considered when purchasing. When using it, you also need to prevent the problem of the wire being too short, and you have to sort out the wire after using it. So the whole process is more troublesome.

Wireless car vacuum cleaners do not need to consider the power supply, the length of the cord, or other issues. It is more convenient to use a wireless vacuum cleaner, as long as it is charged, it can be used anytime. However, a wireless vacuum cleaner cannot be used if it is not charged in advance. This is its disadvantage.

The size of the car

The size of the car vacuum cleaner should match your own car. The available car vacuum cleaners are roughly divided into 2 types. If it is a family car or a business car, you can choose a convenient-type car vacuum cleaner. They are easy to use and do not take up much space. If it is a large business car or RV, then buy a large-type car vacuum cleaner to better meet the needs of car cleaning.

  • Vacuum cleaner accessories

A typical vacuum cleaner is equipped with a range of cleaning brushes and nozzles. Different shapes of nozzles are suitable for different scenarios. For example, round nozzles are suitable for cleaning large pieces of visible waste, while flat nozzles are suitable for corners and crevices. Therefore, the accessories of a vacuum cleaner are also very important. When choosing a product, you can also consider whether it is equipped with these accessories.

Electric brush: Internal vacuum cleaner cleaning head. It is an accessory especially available for hybrid vacuum. 

Flat nozzle: Also known as a crevice nozzle. It’s a long, thin, flat, hard nozzle. This nozzle is smaller and can reach more places. It is especially suitable for cleaning walls, corners, and narrow places.

Dust sweeper brush: Made of long, soft bristles, suitable for cleaning curtains, walls, cushions, etc.

Hose: All suction-type vacuum cleaners are equipped with a hard hose to connect the soft hose and accessories for cleaning.

Round brush: The nozzle is smaller and can do 360-degree rotation.

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