How To Maintain The Battery Of Electric Car?

The battery is the power of an electric car and is among the most important parts of an electric car that should be maintained. The maintenance method of the electric car battery is what every electric car owner should know. How to develop good EV habits? What exactly is the difference between the use of electric cars and ordinary cars?

There are two types of EV batteries in total: maintenance-free batteries and ordinary batteries (non-maintenance-free). The vast majority of cars on the market today use maintenance-free batteries. Most Japanese cars, on the other hand, use non-maintenance-free batteries (ordinary batteries).

The ordinary battery is also called a lead-acid battery, and its electrode is made of lead and lead oxide. The electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid, and the main advantage is its stable voltage and cheap price; the disadvantage is needing frequent daily maintenance. The life span of a normal battery is about 2 years, and it needs to check the electrolyte level and add distilled water regularly.


The most important feature of a maintenance-free battery is "maintenance-free". It does not need to be refilled with distilled water during its service life. It also has the characteristics of shock resistance, high-temperature resistance, small size, and low self-discharge. Of course, its price is also more expensive. As for the service life, the normal replacement cycle is about 3 years.

From the point of view of use and maintenance, whether it is a maintenance-free battery or ordinary battery, the normal service life is about 2-3 years. After about 3 years of use, adding an electrolyte to the normal battery can extend the service life by 1-2 years. As for the maintenance-free battery, we have no way to increase its service life additionally, and it must be replaced once the term is up.

Electric car battery maintenance: Regular Inspection

Since maintenance-free batteries do not have water holes and battery liquid level scale, we need to judge the status of the battery through the "magic eye" on the battery. The magic eye is green: the battery is normal; the magic eye is black: the battery needs to be charged; the magic eye is white: the battery needs to be replaced. In addition, you can use a voltmeter to check the battery voltage. It is worth mentioning that you should use a special battery tester to check it.

Battery magic eye indicator

Electric car battery maintenance: Check The Circuit

The electrode junction of the battery is the most prone to problems, so you should check the circuit for aging or a short circuit often. If you find any green oxide on the electrode junction, flush it out with boiling water. If you ignore it, it will cause the generator power generation to be insufficient, so that the battery is in a state of power loss, which will cause early battery scrap if it’s serious. After rinsing off with boiling water, blow-dry the excess water, and then apply a special protective agent to prevent the re-emergence of the oxide layer.

Three kinds of car habits that can harm the battery

  1. Using the car equipment for a long time with the engine off

This is the most common problem encountered in daily use of the car. In the process of waiting, people will choose to turn off the engine to save fuel, and then sit in the car to listen to music or the radio. This can indeed save fuel, but it will hurt the battery!

You can't listen to music continuously for more than 30 minutes with the engine off. At the same time, it is not recommended to use in-car connected devices, such as Car Play, when the engine is off.

car-radio- music
  1. Use external power devices when the engine is off

External power devices such as car vacuums, portable inflatable pumps, etc. As the power of these devices is relatively large, using them for a long time when the engine is off can easily deplete the battery power, thus affecting the normal start of the vehicle. In addition, similar to this high consumption of equipment on the battery itself also has harmed.

  1. Forget to turn off the lights after parking

If you forget to turn off the headlights after parking at night, your car battery will fail after one night. And If you park and wait for someone at night, do not forget to adjust the headlights to the "Wide Light" mode. This can not only protect the battery, but also play a warning role, and does not affect the normal lighting in the car.

When the electric car is not used for a long time, it should be done:

  1. The battery must be fully charged before being set aside. Under the premise of full charge, it is better to charge again within 1~2 months, not later than 3 months.
  2. . When the electric car is not in use, it needs to be parked in a ventilated and cool room. After fully charged, disconnect the wiring to avoid discharging the battery due to no-load current.
  1. The lead-acid battery of the electric car has no memory effect, so it should be charged reasonably according to the power consumption. 100% of the power consumption needs to be charged for about 8~10 hours (not more than 12 hours, otherwise it will have an impact on the battery life), and it is not advocated to use up the power every time! When the power consumption is around 70%, it is time to charge the car, which will take about 6~8 hours.


Charge the car once a week when the daily power consumption is around 10%. Charge the car once every three days when the daily consumption is around 20%. Charge once every two days when the daily power consumption is around 30%. Charge once a day if the daily power consumption is above 40%.

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