Car maintenance

The Importance of Car Maintenance

New car owners are always told that their vehicles need to be serviced regularly, and many are confused. The regular maintenance prices are not cheap. If you want to find a random maintenance point to do maintenance, then you have to take the risk of being used the fake oil!

I have to mention that people must know the regular maintenance is very important for the car itself, it is related to the performance and service life of it. Some people may be wondering, is vehicle maintenance really that important? What are the maintenance items? How often should we do it? Car maintenance

Main types of car maintenance

The main items of car maintenance are oil changes, car grille, air conditioning grid, brake fluid, brake pads, spark plugs, tire rotation, tune-up, etc. Regular replacement and inspection and maintenance.

Changing the motor oil is the most basic

In terms of daily maintenance, the replacement of the motor oil, oil compartment, and air compartment is related to the heart of the car - whether the engine can run normally and efficiently for a long time.

After the engine runs for a long time, there will be more and more iron filings and sediments in the oil. Meanwhile, the oil will be oxidized and deteriorated over time.

Therefore, for ordinary engine oil, it is generally necessary to change the oil and oil compartment in 6 months or 5,000 km. Otherwise, it will reduce the lubrication efficiency of the oil, accelerate the wear of the engine and shorten the engine life. At the same time, it will also reduce the power and torque of the engine and increase the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of the car.

Change the oil

Replace the car grille

In addition, if the air grille is not regularly replaced, it will affect the engine intake due to excessive dust accumulation.

If the engine air intake is not enough, it will lead to inadequate combustion of the fuel mixture. In turn, the engine power down, fuel consumption increases, exhaust emissions increase, and even lead to serious engine carbon build-up.

Therefore, the car grille replacement is also very important. Generally every 20,000 kilometers need to be replaced once.

Automotive air conditioning filter

As for the air conditioning filter, if it is not being replaced for a long time, then its internal due to excessive accumulation of dust and debris and odor and microorganisms, causing some harm to the human body.


Spark plug

In the use of the spark plugs' process are also prone to carbon, aging, ablation, and other problems, affecting the ignition efficiency and thus affecting the engine performance.

In summary, these car maintenances need to be paid attention to!

Replace the motor oil is the most basic content of maintenance. There are many other consumables and various filters and media on the vehicle have their own replacement cycles.

Air conditioning filter, the air filter is recommended to replace once a year. Different types of spark plugs, antifreeze also has different replacement cycle. Each time the maintenance, brake pads, tires need to be checked to confirm the use of wear and tear to determine the need for replacement.

So, the maintenance of the vehicle is really not a scam. There are many consumables on the car in order to maintain the normal operation of the vehicle, these consumables must be replaced on time, otherwise, it may bring great harm to the vehicle. We should not take it lightly!

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Woah, thanks for letting me know that after an engine works for a lengthy amount of time, the iron fillings that will accumulate will increase and make it oxidate over time. I only wish I had been aware of this sooner or before the engine in my car completely failed. Well, I need to find a local auto repair company because I need my car every day to get to work and for errands.

Taylor Abrams

Ever since I bought my SUV last year, my boyfriend and my dad never stopped bugging me about going to an auto shop regularly for maintenance. I never understood why but reading this article helped. Thanks for letting me know that maintenance is essential for the car’s service life and performance. I’ll now look for a service that can help me.

Taylor Abrams

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