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You Must-know On How To Choose A Child Safety Seat

A child car seat is a restraint device that is tied to the car seat for children to ride. And can be in the event of a car accident, timely restraint children to protect their lives. But there are still many people who feel confused, it must be used to protect the safety of children? What are the main benefits of using a child safety seat?

If a collision occurs at high speed, the force of the collision is unbearable. Many people are used to holding the baby with both hands, and thinking that this can play a protective role. However, according to actual research, when a 10 kg child is hit head-on in a car traveling at 50 km/h, an instant impact of 300 kg will be generated due to inertia. In this case, an adult does not have the strength to hold the child, the child will fly out like a bullet.

Safety measures in cars such as seat belts and airbags are designed according to the size and weight of adults. Because children's bones are tender, their height and body shape development is not yet sound. If directly use the car seat belt, when the car collision happens, the diagonal seat belt may cause children's chest ribs fracture, suffocation, and even neck fracture danger.


The airbag can become the adult's savior in the critical moment, but for children, it becomes a "killer". If a car collision occurs, the impact of the airbag instantly opened, as if a fierce punch to the face, it is easy to cause the risk of suffocation or neck fracture in infants and children.

Now you know why child safety seats are so important! Not only does it keep your child safe in the car, but it also gives parents peace of mind. If you search Amazon, you will get a very wide range of child safety seats with different designs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When you’re considering which one to buy, according to your car seats, models, etc. to a comprehensive consideration. Generally speaking, they are very safe as long as they are installed in the right way.

Although a wide variety on Amazon, many superficial changes but no departure from the original standpoint. According to the installation of the seat can generally be divided into three types: seat belt fixed, using ISOFIX interface fixed, and using the LATCH interface fixed. So, these three installation types of safety seats, are not all impeccable? What are their disadvantages of them?

child safety seat

Seat belt fixed method

Seat belt as a way to fix the child safety seat, the price is generally cheaper, but the installation process is relatively complex. Before installation, according to the child's age and body, weight, etc. to determine whether to install forward or reverse, and then put the child safety seat in the car seat with seat belt fixed.

With the use of this method, the universality is much better. This means that as long as you have a seat belt in your car, you can install a child safety seat. However, after using it for a longer period of time, it will be easy to loosen and thus become dangerous again.

ISOFIX fixed method

Using the ISOFIX connector fixation is very simple. Align the ISOFIX port of the child seat with the reserved port on the seat and insert it, then stand up the ground support bar. The installation time generally does not exceed 10 minutes. Even for the first-time using parents, as they look at the instructions, the whole installation can be completed.

This fixing method is easy and simple to install, fixed very firmly, and ISOFIX test specifications are higher. However, many cars are not equipped with this special interface, and the price of this kind of safety seats is higher. So you need to carefully confirm your own car before buying this interface!

ISOFIX Mixed Method

LATCH fixed method

This installation method is similar to the ISOFIX fixed method, but slightly different. It is worth mentioning that there are relatively few models that use the LATCH fixation method. Even though the installation process is similar to ISOFIX, they are compatible. That is to say, the LATCH interface must be able to install the ISOFIX interface, but if only has the ISOFIX interface, can not use the LATCH interface.

The LATCH fixed method is safe and convenient, more tight and solid. However, because it uses a soft connection, the installation needs to be checked frequently after the installation for its firmness.

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