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Your Must-know Common Car Accessory Features

Most companies tend to add a lot of useful features when designing their cars for better decoration and space utilization. They are usually well hidden and not easy to find. Many of these features are very useful, and if you don't know how to use them or where they can be found, why wouldn't that be a loss for you? Today let me share a few practical functions for you.

Adjust the seat belt position

The role of the seat belt we all know is to protect the driver and the life of the passenger's safety. However, each people's figure is different, some people are thin, some people are fat. The fixed seat belt position does not apply to all. Therefore, the seat belt position can be adjusted up and down normally.

At the connection between the seat belt and the frame, there are usually buckles that can be adjusted up and down. You can move up and down according to your needs, without adjusting the sitting position.

seat belt position

Lock the car windows

Many people forget to close the windows after turning off the engine. The only thing you can do is activating again? No! That’s too troublesome!

Usually speaking, press the lock button on your car key twice or long-press the lock button for more than 5 seconds, the windows will be automatically raised. If your car does not have this function, you can achieve it by retrofitting.

Trunk escape switch

As early as the 1990s, many car manufacturers have installed an escape switch in the trunk. The switch is generally located on both sides of the trunk wall or the lid wall. With a pull or a press, you can open the trunk door.

trunk switch

Sun visor

I believe we all know the role of the sun visor. When we drive against the sun, we can put down the sun visor to block the light in front of us. If the sun is too strong in the summer, and resulting in your left face being very hot, what should you do? At this point, you can open the sun visor to the side so you can block the sun!

switch the sun visor

Judge the position of the gas tank cap

Refueling for all drivers is already a matter of routine, and naturally know where the car's gas cap is. What about new drivers? Can you accurately say whether your gas cap is on the left or right? The gas sign on the dashboard can show you the way. Where its arrow is facing, where the gas cap is set.

dashborad to show the gas position

The secret in the smart car key

Nowadays, smart keys are basically popular, and more and more keyless entry functions are promoted. However, this also has hidden dangers.

What should you do if your key is out of order, or if the key suddenly runs out of power? Car designers have tried to find ways to make the car convenient and beautiful, and they have hidden the real key! The traditional key is usually hidden inside the smart key, and you just need a little patience to find it.


Car finding function

In a huge parking lot, you suddenly lost your way and can't find your car ...... What should you do? This is actually a very common phenomenon. As long as you press the lock button twice quickly and consecutively, the car finder function will be activated automatically. The vehicle's horn will sound twice, while the hazard warning lights will keep flashing for a while.

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