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100W Foldable Solar Charger

POWOXI solar charger with stand for camping and outdoor

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We really can meet your need! Don't believe it?

-I want to charge many devices!

This one has 11 different plugs and a super variety of connectors for you to choose from! Plus, it has a Quick Charge 3.0 output. Fast and powerful. It has a USB port, a USB-C port, and a DC port that could charge phones, tablets, power stations, etc. 

suitable for all camping gears

-I want it easy and powerful!

This is a monocrystalline silicon solar panel, which has the highest conversion efficiency of all types of solar electric panels. Powerful and fast charging speed. It automatically recognizes connected devices and protects the battery, maximizing charging speed.

fast charging

-Can I use it safely in the rain? Is it a disposable product?

    This product can survive in the rain because the surface of the panel is waterproof. It is perfect for use on camping and RV trips! ETFE solar panels have a life span of at least 15 years, which is 3 times longer than PET!



    -I just want to use it hassle-free!

    It's a foldable solar panel designed to look like a laptop bag. Easy to carry and perfect for camping or road trips. Pack it up, throw it in your car, and have power wherever you go.

    Easy use


    -How is your after-sales service? Is the response time fast?

    Free returns within 30 days. 12 months standard warranty. Friendly customer service, reply within 24 hours. Lifetime technical support. 2-year warranty for all powoxi fans. Less worry, better life.reply in 24 hours

    Buy one get one solar controller for free!


    Type: Monocrystalline 

    Wattage: 100W

    Dimension: 56.7 x 14.2 x 1.2 in (open) 18.1x 14.2 x 1.2 in (Fold)

    Weight: 9.24 lb

    DC Output: 20V 5A

    Type C Output: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V(PD65W 3.3A)

    USB Output: QC3.0 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A

    Operating Temperature: -45℉ - 149 ℉

    Package includes:

    Solar panel :1


    DC to DC cable (6.56 ft): 1

    Aviation  plug(12.6 in): 1

    Anderson connector (13in): 1

    11 connectors set: 1

    Snap hooks: 2

    We are thinking to make a solar controller for this solar panel, so it can charge more batteries. Also, we want to add more cables for charging different types of devices, but there are many options, we haven't reached an agreement yet. What's more, maybe making it more like a backpack will be nice too, so it will be friendly to hikers. 

    What do you think?? Which cable is a must-have for this solar panel, and how long do you want it to be? 

    Email me, or leave your comment below. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Swiss Army Panel

    I love that this inexpensive panel is getting great results and has included options to allow use with most power stations!

    Very, very nice units.

    Was a bit surprised to get 2 panels but they are very simple to use, come with plenty of connections, and just messing around I was getting about 140w by only setting them up without adjustment. Did I mention they are way, way cheaper than the jackery panels?

    Cheryl Minskey
    Better than Expected

    I was worried that these solar panels would not be compatible with my new Jackery 300 but with one of the 8mm adapters, it was fine. In the full Florida sun the panels were providing ~ 70 to 74 watts. Very nice. I also charged my phone directly using the USB C port, a nice bonus. We are expecting a tropical storm in a few days so I am now prepared for a potential power loss. I also thank customer support for answering my question so quickly.

    Portable power!

    I bought this panel to charge the 634 Wh, 300W solar generator that I use as a house battery in my camper. The solar charging port on my generator is not standard, so I was looking for a 100W panel that came with the right adapter, and the POWOXI fit the bill.

    I've had this panel for several weeks now, and it works great. It's still winter, so we aren't getting super long days, but the panel still tops up my genny nicely. I have also charged up my smaller battery banks and lanterns with the USB connection, and it charged them very quickly.

    I am using 2 $6 Walmart camp chairs (I removed the arms) as a stand, to keep the panel off the currently muddy ground. They not only keep the panel clean, but also make it easy to change the angle and position to get the most direct sun. While I haven't, and don't plan to, leave the panel out in the rain, it gets very damp and foggy here at night, and that has not been an issue.

    Lastly, this panel comes with a nice carry bag that has a smaller bag for the cables and connectors. This keeps everything together when you are on the go and makes setup super fast, since you aren't searching for the cables or connectors.

    I would definitely recommend this panel if you are looking for a single, portable 100W panel. I'm considering getting another genny, so I can have one charging while I use the other. Thanks to the numerous adaptors, I'm confident that this panel will work with whatever genny I choose.


    Wonderful solar panel and exactly what we were hoping for! This thing is super well made, sturdy and has some weight to it. I was pleasantly surprised that it unfolds into a rather large panel, especially since it's so compact when it's folded. We've had it for some time now, and husband has been playing with it this whole time. This thing can literally charge anything and does a fantastic job at it. We have not experienced any issues with it and hubby says that it's definitely one of the better ones out there. Great product for a very reasonable price!