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10W Magnetic Solar Charger and Maintainer for 12 Volt Battery

10W Magnetic Solar Charger and Maintainer for 12 Volt Battery

POWOXI 10W Solar Car Battery Charger Magnetic Waterproof Solar Charger

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✅ For 12V Deep Recycle Batteries

 Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

✅ Size:15.16 X 9.25 X 1.57 in

✅Working Amp:550mAh   Working Watts: 10 Watt

✅Weight: 3.19 lb

✅Long Cable+3.28 FT Alligator clip+ One Manual

✅Built-in Controller (Glued on the back of the solar panel), three indicators. 

✅Magnetic Design + Stainless Rings (The solar panel has four magnets on its backside. On its front side, there are 4 stainless steel rings, install them wherever you want.)

✅ Two-year warranty. Durable and Waterproof

When you don't drive, put it on the car and connect it to the battery, leave it there. It won't overcharge your battery cuz it comes with a controller, it generates about 550mA per hour, probable 2200mA on a good day. Charging your car battery to maximum capacity always.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
D Henderson
Worked great

Used to charge batteries for my living quarters horse trailer

alexandra rodriguez v.
I am a returning customer! These things are awesome

Since I dont use my boat too often, I kept having issues with the batteries. I bought the 20 watt several months ago and it has been great. I added a second battery to the boat so I ordered another one but a 10watt this time. They stay in the Florida sun and after almost a year, still looks and functions like new.

Simple solar charger for RVs.

This is great for keeping the 12v battery in my travel trailer topped up when not connected to the 30 amp.

Displaced Desert Rat
Perfect starter solar kit

This is a great kit with the panel and included controller. I got it to keep a small power-bank topped off after initially charging it with an AC charger and let me say it works like charm. In fact, it works so well that I think I would be able to use it to fully charge it even after use. My bank is just 200 amp-hours so at 10 watts, this panel gives me roughly 0.8 amps per hour of sunlight so I could conceivably get 8 10 amps per day. I probably drain about 25-40 amps from those batteries weekly, so over the course of the week the panel should provide more than enough to get the batteries fully charged. Just for kicks, I hooked up the panel to a larger power-bank I have and I confirmed that it wouldnt be able to keep up with something as big as an 8-10 battery bank. Even without use, the bank showed a slight voltage drop after about 4-5 days but thats just because the cells naturally discharge on their own. So for that, Id need to get a larger panel. So if you just need to charge one or two batteries this panel with the included controlled will be perfect. Just keep in mind that some of the best sunlight hours are in the morning so make sure that its aimed in a way that it will start collection sun rays from the get go.

Great Value

Just what I needed to maintain my Motor Home batteries. Magnetic attachment will work perfectly on the inner shell of the building I store it in.