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12V 6W Solar Battery Charger | Solar Energy Kits | POWOXI

12V 6W Solar Battery Charger | Solar Energy Kits | POWOXI

POWOXI 6W Solar Charger Solar Kit for Gate Opener 12V

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This battery charger you could use to charge many outdoor devices.

It generates about 330mA per hour, around 1320mA on a clear day.

DIY it yourself! Have fun!

【Full protection】

Built-in intelligent charging controller, which increases the charging power by 20%. Not consuming battery power. Not working at night, and automatically restarts during the day. The solar controller has overcharge protection, under-voltage protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, and so on. STM8 microprocessor can intelligently control charging and discharging, and extend battery life.

【Unique adjustable bracket】

The power generation effect of solar power chargers is related to the installation location. You can roll the knob to adjust the angle of the solar battery charger to absorb more sunshine. Easy to install, could be installed on the ground or vertical wall(included screws).

【Intelligent charging indicators】

3 indicators on the solar battery tender display its working status intuitively. Blue: sunlight detected; red: charging; green: the battery is fully charged; all lights are off: short circuit. High-quality polysilicon 12v solar panel, ultra-high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

【Solar charger & maintainer】

Lightweight, equipped with alligator clips. Charge the 12V battery safely and maintain it to extend battery life. Suitable for the gate opener, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, electrical fencers, 4WD’s, marine, farm equipment, and any application that uses 12V batteries.

【More durable】

Professional solar glass + UV-resistant industrial grade ABS material. The 12-volt solar battery charger is very resistant to aging, high temperature, and difficult to deform. Wind-proof, rain-proof, and heat-proof, maintenance-free. 12 months Warranty period + Lifetime technical support + Friendly customer service support.






6 W


300 mA


12 V


11.6X8X1.2 in


2.19 lb

Package includes


Solar panel 




Alligator battery clip module




Plastic anchor


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