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12V 9W Solar Battery Charger | Solar Energy Kits | POWOXI

12V 9W Solar Battery Charger | Solar Energy Kits | POWOXI

POWOXI 9W Solar Car Battery Charger and Solar Car Battery Maintainer

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500mA per hour, 2000mA probably in a good day.

[I want to charge a lot of devices!]

It works with 12V wet batteries, gel batteries, SLA batteries, AGM batteries, and deep cycle batteries. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, boats, marines, tractors, RVs, Powersports, snowmobiles, trucks, etc. Easy to use, plug and play.


[I want to charge faster!]

22.5% conversion rate. As soon as the sun hits the solar panel, it converts to 12 volts DC to charge the battery. This has a built-in isolation diode that protects the battery from overcharging and reverse discharging.


[Will it be broken? Is it waterproof?]

This product is made of high-efficiency photovoltaic glass with high transparency. Low iron tempering, high strength. Strong impact resistance. The solar panel surface is waterproof and snowproof. Long service life.【Warranty does not cover intentional damage!】


[I just want to use it without any worries.]

This is a solar maintainer for a 12V car battery. When you're not driving, put it on your car's windshield and plug it into the cigarette lighter. It won't overcharge your car but will keep your car battery at maximum capacity at all times (when sunlight conditions are good).


[How is your after-sales service? Is the response time fast?]

Free returns within 30 days. 12 months standard warranty. Friendly customer service, reply within 24 hours. Lifetime technical support. 2-year warranty for VIP members. Less worry, better life.






9 W


500 mA


12 V


14X9X1.7 in


2.51 lb

Package includes

Solar panel 




Alligator battery clip module


12V DC plug


Suction cups


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